Tuesday, October 31, 2006

An American in China Victim of Covert Poisoning Druggings

Ina: An Icelander living in China
Anda: A man ofTurkish origin, also living in China
DJ Travis (dj RCA): A Canadian who spins records in China
Owen:A Sun Yet Sen student from Hong Kong living in Guangzhou, China.
Oscar: A Spanish marketing consultant
Big Dave: An Enlish Teacher at a Guangzhou Technical College in HaiZhu

All of the above characters played a role in the covert campaign against the targeted individual, to one extent or another, either by knowlegde and approval of the assult, or by cooperating with the organizers of this covert operation, in one way or another.
The use of deceit, chemical fumes to promote nervousness in the target, drugs put in the targets drink, all took place. The building security guards of Shuanzixingcheng, Hai Zhu, Guangzhou, were instrumental in the theft of the targets laptop computer, the theft being perpetrated when a guest in the targets apartment drugged the target with sleeping agent.The alteration of a visa in an American passport took place. Illegal enteries into the targets flat, 511 xing huie also toook place. The resident in the apartment across from 511, a Korean, was a player in the assault.

Covert assault:
Evolved slowly within a social circle that formed around nights out in clubs like Baby Face, and New Era, popular night spots in the southern city of Guangzhou China, on weekends in during the fall and winer months of 2005. The covert camapign against the American culminated in a highly organized insidious assault that pervaded the targets entire life, waking and sleeping hours, in the last three weeks of February 2006.

The target of this insidious crime lived in an apartment complex that is called Shaunzixingcheng.

The perpetrators entered the targets apartment, 511, at will, illegally. Gaslighting was done, where itmes within the apartment were moved. The target endured an assault that consisted of laced cigarettes, druggings, and the theft of valuable personal items. The tampering of an ATM card and a visa in an American passport took place as well.
The pervasiveness of the gang stalking orchestrated towards the target in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, in February of 2006 shows a high level of organization that included travel offices, an airline, a landlord, restaurants, cafes, bars, and many other venues that were regular places the target visited. This criminal activity extended into all areas of the targets life.
Assault tactics:Because of the covert nature of the crime, a crime where things are done to the victim, but they are secretly done, or done in such a way as to leave no witnesses, and no evidence, the tactics unusual, and insidious. These tactics aim at tormenting the victim in an ongoing way.

-Drugging-Theft-Set ups-Laced cigarettes-Pervasive slandering -Illegal entry into targets flat in gaslighting efforts,and efforts to poison, and definate efforts tochemically induce nervousness-anxiety.
Drugs put in my drinks have been instrumental in the overall assault. I was drugged before my lap top was taken from my flat by a guest in mid February 2006, and I was drugged before my ATM card was tampered with and destroyed by a foreigner, DJ Travis (DJ RCA) in Guangzhou, while I slept as a guest in his flat near the school he teaches at, a school in Guangzhou.
Chemicals and Fumes : Chemicals and fumes were used aften. Sometimes a taxi waiting for me, or expecting me, would have these fumes that promoted nervousness. My clothing was covered with these chmical fumes, covert, and noxious. Aspren would usually lessen the effects. Owen, a Hong Kong student at Sun Yet San University, put these fumes on my coat, before I accompanied him to diner one evening. Perpetrating the fumes onto my coat while I was in the bathroom of my flat, and he waited.
Laced cigarettes During the time period of between mid February and March 1st, I psychologically harassed with the lacing of cigarettes. Some of the cigarettes were laced with mind altering or mood altering substances. Other times they were tampered with in scuh a way as to have strange unnatural tastes, as well as odors.
Slander - Gaslighting Guangzhou February 2006
A prevasive slandering campaign, through which lies were told to my family and others, and these lies where part of a the discrediting campaign that was to paint me as a person that conducts himself in manners that were near to insanity. A slandering campaign is typical practice of gang stalking, and this establishes a stage, for when the actual stalking begins, the target will be alienated by all or most, and isolated.
The slander used against this victim went as far as painting me as a highly unstable person that has committed heinous crimes, murder, child molestaion, as well as person with hidden dark secrets.
Initially, I was gaslighted into believing that I was under suspicion for somehow murdering my parents, and this began during the first week of the gang stalking while in Guangzhou, the Haizhu are, near the Sun Yet Shan University, where I studied.
All of the displayed family photos in my flat were manipulated, and and eventually taken from my baggage during the moving out of my apartment, by a one of the criminals involved in this crime against me, Owen the Hong Kong student at Sun Yet San University, who played a role in organizing and perpetrating the criminal acts against me.
The perpetrators have used slander to taint every aspect of my character with outright lies, exaggerations, and distortions.Set ups and druggings were instrumental acts that initiated the first stage in the criminal covert assault on me.

Friends, so he thought,Deceit, Guangzhou Fall 2005 :
In 2005 I was living in Guangzhou City, Zhu Hia, near the Zhong Shan University, otherwise known as Sun Yet Shan University (Zhong Shan DaXue), where I was a student of the Chinese language.
During this time, I came to know several people who became friends with me, and by the end of the 2005, through deceit, criminal behavior, and actions intented to cause me serious harm, this group had brought me into a series of set ups that were planned, and used manipulation.
Gang Stalking’s Pervasive Nature:
By the time the gang stalking began, in February 2006, the people involved in this pernicous assault on me extended much further than the group of friends that had surrounded me, and included people in the venues that I frequented during my year in Guangzhou, as well as my landlord, foreign student office at Sun Yet San Universtiy, and foreign student classmates,displaying the pervasiveness of the slandering campaign. All done behind this targets back.

By the time I had departed Guangzhou, on March first 2006, for return to my home in the United States, I had become the victim of the following:

  • drugs and poisons laced items of consumption
  • pervasive slander
  • intense psychological harassment
  • physical injury causing anosmia
  • gassings, fumigations
  • major theft
During the time that I moved from 511 Shuanzixinchang, the flat I had lived in since April of 2005, I been fumed and drugged with a substance that caused confusion and nerousness. It is not conclusive as to how this was done, but some used a spray devise, but what is certain is that cigarettes were lased, and aspren that I took to combat such was tampered with. Assaulted every day, at every turn, I found that asprin reduced the effects of the nervous promoting gasses, fumes, and additives in the cigarettes and other consumed items.

In the weeks just prior to leaving China in February of 2006, gassings, fumes put on my clothing, and lacing of items consumed to promote nervousness, all took place and served to alter my state, making me nervous, and confused.
Such tactics have been used to a lesser degree during assaults on me here in the United States.

Gang stalking can go well beyond harassments, and slander.
I have experienced physical injury, druggings, strange covert fumes to cause numbness, nervouness, and confusion, strong artifical scents, alteration of taste in foods and drinks, and intnesely calculated psychological abuse. These tactics were used on me around the clock, almost wherever I went, druring the second half of February this year. The people who participated in the criminal acts all did serious harm to an innocent inividual.
Who or what group is responsible for this may be difficult to pinpoint. Hate can be orchestrated, spread, and used as a tool to control other people to do things they otherwise would not be inclined to do. This is the main tool used in criminal gang stalking, inwhich unsuspecting co-work workers, friends, family, may be brought into a serious criminal campaign that is fuled by fabricated stories, twists and distortions of reality and lies.
From post on gangstalkingworld.com:

"Gangstalking" is a "catchphrase" name describing what has become a part of traditional and new organized crime that is networking through the United States and some other countries. Organized crime groups and "criminal elements" from all walks of life use or hire for pay, criminal organized stalking crews to assault "targets" to cover up financial or other crimes. These criminals "contract" with the covert organized assault crews to silence any potential witness or "trouble maker", whether real or imagined, that could possibly effect their lives.

If you have not been or are not being poisoned and/or drugged, you are not being "gangstalked". "Gangstalking" is described on some websites as a bunch of people "just" following you around doing strange skits. That would just be annoying compared to what it really is.

Described felony assaults.The mental and physical effects described by most targets are achieved by covert poisoning using more or less common:

Some of these chemicals are mixed when needed with additives to make them behave in desired ways. Some are intended to absorb through the skin and others are intended to out-gas. They are not all used in all the described ways. Some, what I will call irritants, are sprayed on the target and act locally on the skin or spread out slowly with various affects. One perp will divert your attention while another one sprays from a "breath spray" size can on bare skin behind or where you won't notice. They always make a noise like clearing their throat so you won't hear the sound. I caught them doing this too. Some drugs are mixed with dispersant's to make them out-gas. These are squirted at or near an isolated target using covert methods. In remote places where possible, constant "Area gassing" is done from neighboring houses.

When they can get away with it perps even do this while walking past in order to gas the target. The chemicals will out-gas quickly or slowly depending on their intended use. The most dangerous assault is the direct assault from a car/truck that has an electrically powered high pressure squirting device behind the grill. These usually squirt pesticide that is intended to stay put and absorb through the skin. This attack can penetrate thick clothing and is usually done in a parking lot or anywhere they can get close to you in a car.

The chemicals can be administered by "flipped" coworkers, neighbors, friends, family, local strangers and old or new professional (paid) perps. Neuro-interrupters have a cumulative effect. With successive poisonings there is a gradual decrease in cognitive functioning whidh is what is intended by the perps. I read an account of one victim who had been poisoned to the point that he could no longer speak. A perp will always wait close by to observe the condition of the victim after assaults. The protection against this is waterproof or impermeable clothing or any barrier that will block what is essentially a "high-tech squirt gun" If the victim fails to protect themselves, they will go down as a result of these assaults.

Some psyhcotomimetic agents, usually LSD or similar will be applied to surfaces the victim will ordinarily touch, door handles, cabinet drawers, any place in their home, car and places at work. Daily vitamins, coffee, shampoo or anything used or consumed on a daily basis is a potential contamination target, especially single use items. In the home milk is often contaminated with OP pesticide.

It is obvious if put in any clear liquid because the liquid becomes cloudy. Gloves and clothing might be turned inside out and "treated". Time to change your cloths, don't forget to shower. The perps will start slowly, only contaminating a single item or items they have control over so no evidence will remain in case law enforcement investigates. After they believe they have compromised the victims credibility they will become more active and aggressive with contamination and all other aspects of the "organized assault".

The following as well as this entire scam may take place over the course of many years.Co-workers, neighbors, friends, family, law enforcement and the general public are told planned, consistent lies about the victim/target. This will start with law enforcement long before the actual assaults begin. They do this to "set up" the target, hoping law enforcement will believe their lies and ignore the victim when they first report this crime. Perps may show a bogus "investigation" file or flash fake badges in the community as part of the scam. Perps might hire local lawyers and private investigators in a ruse to "legitimize" the scam. Later the perps will report crimes or trip alarms in the area so the police will have to drive by the target's house. This is to make the target believe the police are part of the stalking. They will also pull fake fire alarms for the same purpose.

While "working" this chemical attack, the perps perform "street theater" around the target. They hope the poisoned/drugged target will panic, then report and try to describe these bizarre "skits" to law enforcement. The goal is to create poison and drug induced psychotic episodes, paranoia, and actions that could (the perps will say) appear to be schizophrenic (only if you are not educated about schizophrenia would you believe this). The perps often launch large drug assaults against a target in public. If the target is effected enough they will report or encourage a bystander to report the target to law enforcement, saying the target is schizophrenic, crazy or psychotic. Some of the perps are bold enough to say the cops do what they have them do, indicating the perps are making "fools" of and are smarter than law enforcement and the targets. Many in law enforcement are aware of perp stalker tactics now and they would like nothing better than to bust this criminal enterprise or anyone in it.

Some people in the community are tricked or coned into participating. They are told clever lies about the target They may even be deluded into thinking they are doing a "community service". If they knew the truth of what they were involving themselves with they would not cooperate willingly. Others accept money or other forms of compensation.

Many who know or are close to the target are forced to take part in this criminal scam, it's essentially "the offer they can't refuse". Some are set up for various crimes and blackmailed, or blackmailed for any existing secrets they want to keep from co-workers, family, friends or the community at large.

Those close to the target that resist are threatened and poisoned using these same methods until they obey. After they are "flipped" they are "coached" by these criminals in their "methods" of assault and supplied with "covert equipment" to topically spray or squirt these chemicals on or around the target or in their food or drink. This will be done at every opportunity at the target's home (at night to wake you up) or away, on foot or in the car. Anywhere the target is or goes the perps will work together, using surveillance, advanced communications, stealth and simple diversionary tactics to draw the target into position for an assault that will not be detected by the general public.

minigh_dimol_k@yahoo.com minigh_dimol_k

an american form new york state, who studied chinese in guangzhou at sunyetsen university 2005. taught english at shaoyng university 2003-2004. has an ma degree, and is the victim of covert harassment, poisoning, activities to disrupt his attempts to find work, slander prevents such.

Terror stalking is a hate crime based on targetting innocent people.

Covert poisoning and drugging is something that will pervade the vicitms life, in a proctracted long term campaign. It is a serious crime, and will lead to eventual death, it is murder.